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THEFUNNYRATS EASTER SPECIAL 2015! | Day 2134 - TheFunnyrats
Subscribe for fun family videos: bit.ly/TheFunnyrats Yesterday's Vlog: ift.tt/1MZvtNS Like, Comment and Subscribe to show your Shiggity Shankness! In today's fun family daily vlog, it was Easter Sunday. Our family started our Easter morning finding out what the Easter bunny brought our family. The Easter Bunny brought all kinds of fun toys and candy to our family on Easter Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny also brought some Easter hats and Easter gloves. I got my wife a Fitbit for Easter. My wife was not expecting to get a Fitbit for Easter, but I knew that my wife would enjoy it. What did you guys get for Easter? Let me know in the comments! My wife's family had a tradition of paquing Easter eggs. Have you guys ever heard of paquing Easter eggs. Paquing eggs is when you hit two Easter eggs together, and the Easter egg that does not crack wins. Our family had fun carrying on this family tradition of paquing each other's Easter eggs. After our family went to Easter Sunday mass at our church, our family went down to Mimi's house to have an Easter egg hunt and to open Easter baskets that Mimi put together for the kids. Who do you think found the most Easter Eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt? Who do you think found the Golden Easter Egg? After the Easter Egg Hunt my brother and sister came over and the kids opened their Easter Baskets from Mimi. It was baby Daniel's first easter. He really liked the Easter grass and the Easter wrap on his Easter Basket. After our family ate our Easter dinner / lunch, my wife cut the free cake that she got from Whole Foods. After eating the free Easter cake, our family hit the road. Our family drove in the rain for 3 1/2 hours and our family made it to our hotel in Hattiesburg, MS. Once our family got settled in at the La Quinta in Hattiesburg, MS, we went across the street and had a family dinner at MugShots Bar and Grill. Once our family got back to our La Quinta hotel, we went to bed, so that our family could do another day of driving. Thank you guys for watching. If you see this, put "Easter Surprise" in your comment below! Members Only Facebook Group: ift.tt/1a7aOFY Mystery Video: ift.tt/1yI022z Year 1: ift.tt/1e3Y18f Year 2: ift.tt/1e3Y2cp Year 3: ift.tt/1aSQtDG Year 4: ift.tt/1iggPg0 Year 5: ift.tt/1hm8yMl New Videos are uploaded to TheFunnyrats everyday at 3:00pm CST. Subscribe so that never miss one! GET TO KNOW US: - Birth of Our Kids: ift.tt/1seGFw9 - Proposal, Wedding, and Anniversaries: ift.tt/1zvRFmW - A Few of my Favorite Videos: ift.tt/1Jx3lQn TheFunnyrats is a family of four based out of Lafayette, LA, who make brand new videos on YouTube every day at 3:00pm CST. We love to take our two kids, Amelia and Jacques, on adventures as a family. My wife, Krista, and I have a goal to sell everything we own (including our house), buy an Airstream Travel Trailer, and explore this beautiful Earth living full-time in the RV! We guarantee that you will love our videos. Subscribe now to join our journey and discover the the world with us! It's easy and free, just click that red button! Also we love when you follow and interact with us on our social media links above. Our Favorite Products: Shot on a Canon G7X: amzn.to/1MckI59 Join The Shiggity Shank List for extra content, contests, announcements, coupon codes and more: ift.tt/1e5oNtJ You guys are AWESOMELY SHIGGITY SHANK! SOCIAL LINKS --------------------- SnapChat: TheFunnyrats Instagram: ift.tt/1fxosSB Facebook: ift.tt/108WAJg Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/10aL8jw Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/108WDon Twitter (Krista): ift.tt/10aL8jz Pinterest: ift.tt/1fxosSz Google Plus: ift.tt/1fgUqQQ LANEVIDS SHIRTS: ift.tt/10aL6YX WEBSITE: www.LaneVids.com

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