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DID I SHAVE MY BEARD OFF? | Day 2142 - TheFunnyrats
Subscribe for fun family videos: bit.ly/TheFunnyrats Thumbs Up Goal: 100 Thumbs Up Yesterday's Vlog: ift.tt/1IJfCzG Like, Comment and Subscribe to show your Shiggity Shankness! In today's fun family daily vlog, it was raining like crazy this morning. Lafayette has a flash flood watch and I have a ton of errands to run after our trip to Nashville, TN. While it was raining, I shot a video for the LaneVids channel about shaving my beard off. What do you think: Did I shave my beard off? The rain stopped, so I got to run the errands that I needed to run. I got my taxes done, the oil changes, gas in the car, and I went to confession at St John's Cathedral in Lafayette, LA. I did some editing before I went to pick up the family. Since I shaved, my wife is kissing me again! Also my wife and I's 9 year anniversary is coming up. What should I get her for our anniversary? My wife noticed that we have some poison ivy growing in the backyard, so we poured one of our science experiments (Rainbow Jar Experiment) on the poison ivy to see if it would kill it. My wife also found some gelatinous fungus in our backyard. Later in the night, we put a pin on our world map for Nashville, TN before we read stories as a family and put the kids to bed. Of course everyone wanted to kiss my soft shaven face before bed too! Today was a great day; if you agree don't forget to Thumbs Up. Also if you want more videos, click that subscribe button. If you read this far, put "I read the description" in the comments below! Members Only Facebook Group: ift.tt/1a7aOFY Mystery Video: ift.tt/1IJfAbk Shay's Video: ift.tt/1JIfkqz Joel's Video: ift.tt/1IJfArA MykandAndie's Video: ift.tt/1JIfkqC RalphandLou's Video: ift.tt/1IJfArC Year 1: ift.tt/1qAcuKY Year 2: ift.tt/1qAcuL1 Year 3: ift.tt/1gxs0UY Year 4: ift.tt/1qAcuLa Year 5: ift.tt/1eMhXHD New Videos are uploaded to TheFunnyrats everyday at 3:00pm CST. Subscribe so that never miss one! GET TO KNOW US: - Birth of Our Kids: ift.tt/1seGFw9 - Proposal, Wedding, and Anniversaries: ift.tt/1zvRFmW - A Few of my Favorite Videos: ift.tt/1Jx3lQn TheFunnyrats is a family of four based out of Lafayette, LA, who make brand new videos on YouTube every day at 3:00pm CST. We love to take our two kids, Amelia and Jacques, on adventures as a family. My wife, Krista, and I have a goal to sell everything we own (including our house), buy an Airstream Travel Trailer, and explore this beautiful Earth living full-time in the RV! We guarantee that you will love our videos. Subscribe now to join our journey and discover the the world with us! It's easy and free, just click that red button! Also we love when you follow and interact with us on our social media links above. Our Favorite Products: Shot on a Canon G7X: amzn.to/1MckI59 Join The Shiggity Shank List for extra content, contests, announcements, coupon codes and more: ift.tt/1e5oNtJ You guys are AWESOMELY SHIGGITY SHANK! SOCIAL LINKS --------------------- SnapChat: TheFunnyrats Instagram: ift.tt/1fxosSB Facebook: ift.tt/108WAJg Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/10aL8jw Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/108WDon Twitter (Krista): ift.tt/10aL8jz Pinterest: ift.tt/1fxosSz Google Plus: ift.tt/1fgUqQQ LANEVIDS SHIRTS: ift.tt/10aL6YX WEBSITE: www.LaneVids.com

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