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Subscribe for fun family videos: bit.ly/TheFunnyrats ... Thumbs Up Goal: 100 Thumbs Up! Yesterday's Vlog: ift.tt/1axil0p Like, Comment and Subscribe to show your Shiggity Shankness! In today's fun family daily vlog, I was looking for things to do on a rainy day, so the kids and I decided to go to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's University Museum to look at some artwork and paintings. When the kids and I got to the University Art Museum, we first saw the water wall outside. We went inside and the kids enjoyed looking at an art installation from a student in the art school at the University which featured a fusion of technology and nature. They projected flower artwork onto the wall and had it interact with physical structures. Another artwork was of a cacophony of flowers that only open at night. The kids always enjoyed the water lily artwork that exploded like fireworks, and the flower artwork that dripped. We went upstairs at the University Art Museum, and we found some neat benches and chairs to sit on. After exploring the University Art Museum more, we went home and created our own Art Museum in our kitchen using the kid's artworks. We hung each artwork up and then typed up captions for each artwork. My daughter really enjoyed created her own Art Museum and was excited to show it to my wife when she got home. The captions that we created for her Art Museum for each artwork were pretty funny. She helped me to write them! Another thing to do on a rainy day is to watch old TheFunnyrat's videos. The kids and I had a great time watching their old birthday videos when the kids were so small. Also do you guys remember the video of when I sucked my son's cheeks? I hadn't tried it in a while, so I wanted to see if he would let me do it! Later that night, my wife made our family a delicious family dinner. Our family had Chicken Tiki Masala. It was very delicious. Also, my wife is not feeling good. That night I chased my 2 year old son around the living room and tickled him. Today was a fun day. If you liked today's video, don't forget to Thumbs Up, and if you're new, click that subscribe button for more videos. If you read this far down, put "I like to _____ on a rainy day!" Thanks for watching! Members Only Facebook Group: ift.tt/1a7aOFY Mystery Video: ift.tt/1w3v1Bi Year 1: ift.tt/1eMhV2k Year 2: ift.tt/1eMhXXS Year 3: ift.tt/1bqOP6T Year 4: ift.tt/1kYlScp Year 5: ift.tt/1lbgH4q New Videos are uploaded to TheFunnyrats everyday at 3:00pm CST. Subscribe so that never miss one! GET TO KNOW US: - Birth of Our Kids: ift.tt/1seGFw9 - Proposal, Wedding, and Anniversaries: ift.tt/1zvRFmW - A Few of my Favorite Videos: ift.tt/1Jx3lQn TheFunnyrats is a family of four based out of Lafayette, LA, who make brand new videos on YouTube every day at 3:00pm CST. We love to take our two kids, Amelia and Jacques, on adventures as a family. My wife, Krista, and I have a goal to sell everything we own (including our house), buy an Airstream Travel Trailer, and explore this beautiful Earth living full-time in the RV! We guarantee that you will love our videos. Subscribe now to join our journey and discover the the world with us! It's easy and free, just click that red button! Also we love when you follow and interact with us on our social media links above. Our Favorite Products: Shot on a Canon G7X: amzn.to/1MckI59 Join The Shiggity Shank List for extra content, contests, announcements, coupon codes and more: ift.tt/1e5oNtJ You guys are AWESOMELY SHIGGITY SHANK! SOCIAL LINKS --------------------- SnapChat: TheFunnyrats Instagram: ift.tt/1fxosSB Facebook: ift.tt/108WAJg Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/10aL8jw Twitter (Lane): ift.tt/108WDon Twitter (Krista): ift.tt/10aL8jz Pinterest: ift.tt/1fxosSz Google Plus: ift.tt/1fgUqQQ LANEVIDS SHIRTS: ift.tt/10aL6YX WEBSITE: www.LaneVids.com

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